Nanovor was the product I worked on at Seattle start up Smith and Tinker. Nanavor was a digital monster battling game that combined the strategy of a collectible card game with glorious 3D battles on your browser. Nanovor bridged the gap between a classic tabletop game and digital entertainment, offering the first true integration between online and offline play.

Offline play was via the Nanoscope, a custom handheld gaming device that allowed you to battle against others with a Nanoscope or test your skills against AI’s. The Nanoscope also had a series of mini games that provided the currency needed to evolve your monster collection.

Nanovor was a true cross media product, featuring collectable figures, short episodic content and novels in addition to the online battle game, each contributing to an engaging back story.

I Joined the Smith & Tinker team as Producer for all the backend and services needed to support the game, eventually I would go on to lead the entire Product Development team as VP of Product Development. I led the teams building the game on the web using Unity, the custom Nanoscope device hardware & software and all the back end infrastructure to support them.


Nanovor Collection
Nanoscope Device
Battle Scene